Kathy Swift

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Kathy has so many pieces that highlight her skills and passion for the medium. It is a pleasure to witness her creations.
Justin - 1 Nov 2023
Dear Kathy - Ian and I treasure your work. We are so happy, cousin, that you are doing so well in your spectacular craft. All who enter here comment on our beautiful display of your creations. Wish we could visit sooner, but next spring/summer is a possibility! Hugs! Ian and Lyn 2022/10/30
Lyn Kidd - 30 Oct 2022
Great work Kathy! Lots of great memories looking back over the years of your work.
Monica Burrow - 10 Jun 2017
I have followed your work for the past five years and feel so honoured to have two pieces in my home. You are so talented and this is your year. It is your time you awesome artist.
Elaine Blake-Beliveau - 4 Jan 2017
Kathy, I do not know a lot about art, however, I love what I see in your Gallery. Truly unique, I hope to learn more about your great talent and beautiful impressions.
Wayne Bravo - 14 Aug 2016
Beautiful art from a beautiful SOUL! Such diverse styles and textures. Thank You!
Russell Marsland - 4 Jul 2016
I see something deeper in each piece each time I visit. Hugs J
Judy - 27 Jul 2014
Just took another stroll through your world. Magical!! Hugs J
Judy - 2 Jun 2014
Still enjoying very much the pieces I bought so many years ago when I lived in South Delta. You are truly talented.
Ainne Gorrell - 1 Jun 2014
Love your work..true artistry is hard to find..and I've found it here in your work..Markus
Markus - 26 May 2014
Great to see you yesterday, looking forward to helping you with your next adventure. Great art pieces.
Donald Kavanagh - 27 Feb 2014
Beautiful color combination, nice lines, I see movement in your painting, very uplifting!!
Naomi Book - 6 Nov 2013
from a fellow artist, I love Rhythmic Stroll and Villages!
Cat Fink - 26 Jan 2013
Hello.. clicked on your link at the Guild and got this great website. Love your art.. fellow and friend, Jim
Jim Soules - 13 Jul 2012
Hi Kathy. I enjoyed your gallery. I have a friend with the same name, who is also an artist, so I thought that you were her.
David Blustein - 16 Aug 2011
Hi Sis.. great site.. we still enjoy all the pics of yours that grace our home's walls.
Mike Truan - 27 Nov 2010
I love your art! I have a real connect with it. Really nice.
Judy Hopper - 31 Aug 2009
LOVE your work! The People Series is awesome.
Mercy - 6 Aug 2009
Kathy I luv your work.....I hope that some day I may have the opportunity to meet you....!
arlene franks - 5 May 2009
Hi Kathy Very impressive indeed, you have been quite busy since you left Moore.
lorne mulvihill - 5 Feb 2009
I too am a Kathy Swift. Live in Maine and paint watercolors for my seed packets and seed business. Love your work. Love your name even more.
Kathryn Swift - 29 Jun 2008
Hi Kathy, I've just come across your website and your beautiful paintings - I love the abstract ones, there's a great aliveness and explosiveness kept in control. They're great!
Ilsa Brittain - 24 Jun 2008
Very impressive Kathy. I really like your website. Keep up the good work.
Howard Exley - 14 May 2008
The name is perfect! Why would anyone expect anything less from your art!
Katherine Swift - 30 Nov 2007
Hi Kathy....I had a great time viewing your art on the web site and am looking forward to going to your viewing in Steveston!!!See you soon.
kim French - 8 Sep 2007
Hi Kathy, I have heard a lot of great things about you I look forward to meeting you soon! Your art is beautiful and I can not wait to learn more about it. Buddy Mael
Buddy Mael - 4 Sep 2007
You are quite an artist. All are so unique and well composed. The colours are very well selected to sooth the viewers'eyes. I also like the excitement in your abstract paintings. You have a lot to give to the world of ART!! You will be at the top soon. Keep in touch. ~edward lo~
Edward lo - 30 Aug 2007
Hey Kathy, just checked it out....looks very exciting.
Patricia Peacock - 20 Aug 2007
Kathy, so very impressive!! You are indeed an accomplished artist ... not that I doubted that. What a well designed website. Your Home Page is eye- catching: A beautiful picture, the poem - I assume its yours (I know it has to be) - it grabs your imagination, your works are absolutely beautiful. It was fascinating to explore your site! Thank you for the opportunity to see it.
Dave Allen - 29 Jul 2007
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